Metroid’s Co-Creator Wants to Make More 2D Metroid Titles

If Samus Returns does well, there could be more Metroid games on the way.

In the latest issue of Game Informer, Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto suggested that the fate of 2D Metroid games may be dependant on the success of the upcoming 3DS title, Metroid: Samus Returns.

“Through the development of Metroid: Samus Returns, I was able to really grasp the possibility and fun of a 2D Metroid,” said Sakamoto. “Like when I finished the first game, if there is another opportunity to make another Metroid, that is something I would love to do. Of course, that really depends on how much people really want to buy a 2D Metroid“.

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While the future of most games is very much dependant on the success of titles currently – or soon to be – on the market, it’s a bit interesting to hear Metroid‘s co-creator – and the producer of Metroid: Samus Returns – paint such a clear line between the future of the Metroid franchise in general and the future of 2D Metroid adventures. It’s somewhat similar to the situation that Konami faced several years back when they were trying to convert Castlevania to 3D while attempting to capitalize on the success of the Symphony of the Night style of Castlevania games. 

Much like that series, it’s entirely possible that the future of 2D Metroid games could be limited to handheld devices while Metroid Prime-style Metroid titles will be prevalent on consoles. 

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Elsewhere in the interview, Sakamoto spoke about the revolutionary design of the original Metroid title and noted that developing that game really made him aware of what games were capable of achieving. Despite this, he still wasn’t sure the game would find an audience. 

With any luck, future 2D Metroid games will prove to be as successful as the original and we can continue to experience them for years to come. 

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