Metroid: Rogue Dawn is a Fan-Made Franchise Prequel

If recent history is any indication, you're going to want to download this one fast.

Since Nintendo decided to break the hearts of fans everywhere by launching yet another major console without any update regarding a new Metroid game, we again must turn to the world of fan creations to experience more of one of gaming’s greatest worlds. 

Last year, we were gifted – albeit briefly – with an exceptional Metroid 2 remake. This year, a group of Metroid lovers have banded together to bring us Metroid: Rogue Dawn; a prequel to the entire Metroid franchise. 

Rogue Dawn takes place before 2004’s Metroid: Zero Mission, which technically makes it the earliest playable event in the Metroid timeline. The game is loosely based on events hinted at in the original Metroid title’s instruction manual, as it puts players in the space boots of an operative who is tasked with retrieving a stolen capsule that may contain a new form of life. This operative, named Rogue Dawn, is actually a human adoptee of Ridley who has been trained from a young age to be the ultimate weapon. This is her first assignment. 

Not only is Rogue Dawn‘s story a prequel to the current Metroid chronology, but it has been designed to resemble a prequel to the original game as well. The effect is somewhat diminished by the brilliant work of the artists who just couldn’t help but sneak in some clever pieces of visual design that would not have been possible on the NES, but the overall look of the game is striking and consistent with the project’s intent. 

Actually, aside from a few UI improvements and slight modifications, Rogue Dawn really does look and feel like a proper entry into the Metroid franchise. While Rogue Dawn is free to download, you are going to have to hack a Metroid ROM in order to get it to work properly. If you’re still interested, you can download the project here

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