Metal Wolf Chaos XD: Devolver Digital Remaster Releasing in 2018

Help the President of the United States and a giant mech take back America in Metal Wolf Chaos.

Devolver Digital has confirmed that they are developing a remaster of the true cult classic title, Metal Wolf Chaos

Don’t be too surprised if you’ve never heard of Metal Wolf Chaos. Not only was this FromSoftware game only released in Japan upon its initial debut, but it was a Japanese only Xbox exclusive. Given how poorly the Xbox performed in Japan, that’s not a phrase that you hear that often. 

What made this game legendary outside of Japan is its absurd premise. The title follows Michael Wilson, a distant relative of former president Woodrow Wilson, as he becomes President of the United States. However, Wilson’s vice president decides to overthrow him by convincing the military to come to his side. As Wilson is escaping the White House, he steals a secret suit of powered armor known as “Metal Wolf.” From there, he launches a one-man – err…mech? – campaign to take back his country. 

The game’s absurdly patriotic story and wild action gameplay made it a favorite amongst Western gamers who largely only ever experienced the game via YouTube videos and shared screenshots. Now, though, Devolver Digital is bringing an official version of the game to Western markets for the very first time. 

That version of the game will feature enhanced visuals, smoother gameplay, and even 4K support. It appears that the game will eventually be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and you can pre-order the game on Steam ahead of its unspecified 2018 release date. 

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Those upgrades are nice, but the real story here is the simple fact that gamers everywhere will finally be able to play one of the most absurd and hilarious action games ever made. It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens when people get the chance to play Metal Wolf Chaos XD.