Metal Gear Survive Microtransactions: Extra Character Slots Cost Real-world Cash

Want to create an extra character save slot in Metal Gear Survive? Then be prepared to pay $10 for the privilege...

Despite the ongoing controversy, it doesn’t look as though microtransactions are going to vanish from the gaming landscape anytime soon. 

Case in point: Konami’s Metal Gear Survive, the company’s first game in the series since Hideo Kojima left the fold a couple of years ago. The survival shooter has received fairly lukewarm reviews so far, but more troubling still, word’s gradually emerging of the various ways Konami’s trying to pry extra chunks of cash from its customers.

According to Polygon, Metal Gear Survive only comes with one open character save slot as standard. If you want to create another one – so you can experiment with a different approach to the game, say – then you’ll have to pay for it. The cost for opening an extra slot isn’t cheap, either: it’ll set you back 1,000 SV Coins, an in-game currency that translates to $10 in real-world money.

At present, there doesn’t appear to be a way of earning those coins by simply playing the game – so in other words, you can’t grind your way out of whacking $10 on your credit card to buy a new save slot.

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None of this would be too irksome, necessarily, if Metal Gear Survive were a free-to-play title. Most of us realize that developers and publishers have to make a profit somehow. But given that it’s being sold for around $39.99, the decision to charge players for creature comforts that should really be a regular part of the experience seems cheeky, to say the least.

More on this as we get it.