Metal Gear Solid Gets the Anime Intro It Deserves

This fan-made Metal Gear Solid anime trailer leaves us wanting more.

The best kind of internet folk are the internet folk that create anime intros for non-anime pieces of entertainment. Just take a look at this gorgeous anime intro for the classic PlayStation game, Metal Gear Solid

This video from YouTuber José Mellinas uses some of Metal Gear Solid‘s most memorable cinematic moments as the basis for a clean one minute trailer that looks like the opening for an especially cinematic ’70s/’80s anime show. Sure, it’s an intro that ultimately reveals a bit too much of the final product, but this trailer is obviously going for style, and it ultimately has style to spare.

Of course, one could argue that this trailer cheats the idea of the anime intro tribute just a bit. After all, Metal Gear Solid was clearly inspired by animes in many ways. Otacon even directly references anime during one of the game’s memorable dialogue sequences.

Still, the relationship between animes and Metal Gear Solid is never more clear than it is in this fan video. Cybernetic ninjas, lots of explosions, over-the-top foes designed around identifiable character traits…you know, we’re really starting to wonder if Kojima wasn’t secretly creating an anime and disguising it as a revolutionary cinematic gaming experience. 

If you want to see a more overt Kojima anime experience, though, you’ll need to dig up a copy of Policenauts. That cult classic graphic adventure game allowed Kojima to explore his weirder side and was certainly the spiritual predecessor to MGS in terms of Kojima’s storytelling and greater design ambitions. 

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In any case, we’re still patiently waiting for an official Metal Gear Solid anime series. You know…just in case anyone out there with the power to make that happen is listening. 

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