Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Lets You Play as Quiet

Metal Gear Solid 5 just got a very surprising update.

Metal Gear Solid V just got a surprising update. 

The game’s 1.17 update is the first that MGS V has received in about a year. The highlight feature of this update is the ability to play as Quiet in FOB missions. Many of you will no doubt remember Quiet as the assassin that wears very few clothes because she apparently breathes through her skin. At least that’s the explanation that Hideo Kojima went with when the first images of Quiet made their way online. 

Not only does Quiet look significantly different from Snake, but she performs a little differently as well. Quiet is quicker than Snake, is able to reach certain high places without the need for a ladder, has access to a quick dash ability, and is able to gain an environmental camouflage ability by standing still for a certain period of time. She’s also an expert with a sniper rifle and comes complete with customizable clothes and head options. 

Outside of Quiet’s playable role, this update adds some new online development weapons and items to the game. These items (which include sniper riles and a dark matter generator) continue to be developed even when you’re not playing the game. You can also speed up their development by using in-game currency. On top of that, the patch includes a new difficulty level for the FOB missions as well as some minor bug fixes. 

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The ability to play as Quiet is a pretty nice get for MGS V fans, but the bigger deal is that MGS V is being updated at all. There’s no guarantee that MGS V will continue to receive regular updates, and Konami certainly hasn’t gone out of their way in the past to appease MGS fans. It’s possible this is the last noticeable update that the game will receive, but there’s been no official word on that subject. 

That said, there are always those rumors regarding their potential desire to remaster previous MGS games. 

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