Metal Gear Comes to Life at Russian Weapons Showcase

The world of Metal Gear will be here faster than you can say La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo.

A Russian weapons company is apparently trying to bring us into the era of Metal Gear warfare. 

RT (by way of IGN) is reporting that Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern is working on a concept for a mechanized walker robot that some say resembles the design of Metal Gear. The fact that the concept design for the robot is hanging out new a Hind helicopter certainly doesn’t hurt the comparison’s validity. It also somewhat resembles the ED-209 from Robocop. 

Of course, this prototype isn’t quite as imposing as Metal Gear REX, but it does have its charms. Standing at 4 meters tall, this bipedal robot is controlled by a human (for now, at least) and can apparently be used for engineering operations as well as military purposes. We’re assuming that the hands you see in the prototype picture will be replaced by assault rifles or laser beams in the combat model, but maybe they weren’t quite so bold as to show that model this early in the game. 

At the moment, this robot doesn’t seem to be combat-ready (or ready at all). However, Kalashnikov Concern does intend to continue developing the design in the coming months and years, so don’t be surprised if we actually hear reports of this thing being used on the battlefield sometime in the near future. Whether or not this Russian weapons manufacturer is working on a space model for Donald Trump’s Space Force (the official motto for which we hear is “pew-pew”) is also up for debate. 

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As it stands, though, we’ve got to say that it looks like you could trip this thing with a clothesline, and the bot’s bulky upper body gives it a kind of cardboard box look that feels incredibly dangerous when the user is doing something like walking downhill. 

Still, it’s frightening as hell to think that the world of Metal Gear isn’t really that far off. 

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