Mega Sg Console Plays Classic Sega Games In HD

Sega fans rejoice! The Mega Sg resurrects your library of classic games.

Mega Sg Sega Games

Retro console manufacturer Analogue has revealed a new piece of hardware that is going to make Sega fans very happy. Dubbed the Mega Sg, this $189 console is designed to play just about every Sega game released before the debut of the Sega Saturn. That means that it supports Sega Genesis titles from all regions (which includes games that were released on international variants of that console) as well as Game Gear games and titles from more obscure pieces of hardware. While it doesn’t sound like the device will support 32x titles as of yet, you can attach a Sega CD to the console in order to play those games.

The versatility of the Sg is pretty exciting, but what really makes the Mega Sg such an appealing piece of hardware is how it brings these games into the modern era. 

In its simplest form, the Mega Sg lets you play these classic games on HD displays. You just hook the console up to your display via an HDMI cable, plug in a classic game cartridge (yes, the game lets you utilize actual classic cartridges), and enjoy playing pretty much whatever game you want from that era on a modern display. Yes, at a time when playing classic console games on a modern television is infuriatingly complicated, the Mega Sg just lets you play classic consoles with few barriers.

Even better, the Mega Sg actually allows for and implements certain technological improvements to these games. Nearly all titles are upscaled to provide pixel-perfect 1080p gameplay (which means that most titles will look perfectly normal even when played on large screens) and the Mega Sg even replicates the original audio of these titles via modern sound systems. That last bit is particularly impressive given that few Sega hardware emulators have ever been able to get the sounds of these classic games truly right. As you can see (and hear) in the video below, though, Sega games running on the Mega Sg sound, look, and feel just like they should. 

Given that Analogue is the team behind the incredible Super Nt, a console that does what the Sg does but for Super Nintendo games, we have few worries as it concerns the quality of this device. As such, feel free to pre-order this console via this website ahead of its April 2019 release date. 

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