Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel Added to Roster

Two new heroes have joined the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance New Heroes Roster

Game Informer has revealed that Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel will join the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster as the game’s newest heroes. 

Hawkeye, who is shown in an initial piece of concept art sporting a look somewhere between tactical and casual, will work pretty much like you’d expect Hawkeye to work in an Ultimate Alliance game. That is to say that he’ll utilize his bow and arrow to keep enemies at a distance and employ some special arrows that will allow him to take care of bigger threats. In general, though, we suspect that he may be best used as a companion for some heavier characters. 

Ms. Marvel requires a little more explanation. There have actually been four Ms. Marvels over the years (including Carol Danvers), but the game is going with the Kamala Khan version of the character. Power-wise, that means that she’ll mainly rely on the ability to manipulate the size and shape of her body (similar to what Mr. Fantastic does) in order to take on multiple opponents or even measure up against larger foes. She should prove to be a versatile pick. 

These two are joining a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster that now stands at about 30 playable heroes. There’s no word on how many total playable heroes will be in the game, but based on the roster size of previous Ultimate Alliance games, we suspect that there might not be many more initial playable characters at launch. Of course, you should expect new characters to be added to the game via DLC. 

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Regardless of the final number of playable characters, we’re excited to get our hands on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Aside from those recent ports of the classic games that came and went, it’s been quite some times since we’ve gotten to enjoy a new installment in this action-RPG series. While the X-Men Legends games that inspired Ultimate Alliance are arguably superior, Ultimate Alliance 3 will offer the chance to live out our Endgame dreams and is especially welcome given that there’s still a shortage of great new Marvel games. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 19

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