Marvel Battle Lines Card Game Coming in 2018

Build a deck of cards featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in this upcoming mobile title.

Nexon and Marvel Entertainment have announced a new card battle game called MARVEL Battle Lines. This mobile CCG lets players build a deck of cards that feature famous heroes and villains from the Marvel universe. Along with PVP options that allow you to battle friends and other online players, this title will actually feature a single-player campaign written by Marvel writer, Alex Irvine. Irvine has most recently contributed to the “Phase” series, which serve as comic adaptations of recent Marvel Studios stories (how meta is that?).

The information available at this time doesn’t reveal much about the game’s story, progression system, or potential cards, but it does seem that you can expect this to be at least a somewhat familiar CCG. That means opening packs of cards, separating them by rarity, and trying to build the best decks possible based on card quality and potential synergy. 

Nexon’s press release concerning the game suggests that you’ll be able to earn cards by playing the game in both single-player and PvP, but it makes no direct reference to the ability to purchase cards via microtransactions. Considering that the ability to do so is fairly standard for these types of games, though, we’d be surprised if that’s not included. 

“Marvel’s incredible universe has reached hundreds of millions of fans around the world and it’s an honor to be collaborating with their team on a truly unique game that draws on the nostalgia of collecting trading cards and taps into the fun of battling with friends,” said Lawrence Koh, General Manager at Nexon. “MARVEL Battle Lines is incredibly engaging, fast and accessible, and will give players a chance to hone their skills and collect their favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains based on how they like to play games – whether that’s through the original single-player storyline and activities or competing in the PvP mode

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There’s no word on exactly when MARVEL Battle Lines will be released, but it should be available sometime before the end of 2018 for Android and iOS devices.