Mario Tennis Aces Multiplayer Doesn’t Let You Play a Full Game of Tennis

Mario Tennis Aces' lack of real rules and custom settings has some people asking for refunds.

Some gamers are trying to get refunds for Mario Tennis Aces for a very odd reason. It seems that the latest game in the Mario Tennis franchise doesn’t let you actually play a full game of tennis outside of CPU tournaments. Instead, you play a best-of three match that can be won with as little as eight points. In real tennis, meanwhile, you must win six games and win the final set by at least two games. Such as it stands, there is no setting that you can enable or alter to allow you to play a full game of tennis in most of Aces‘ modes. 

There’s a logical way to look at this. Clearly, Mario Tennis Aces isn’t a tennis sim. It’s a Mario version of tennis that is meant to be fast-paced, wacky, accessible, and generally fun. Nintendo never actually suggested that “full games of tennis” could be completed in all of the game’s modes. However, most people agree that Aces should probably feature a simple setting that lets you change how many game wins are required to win the match. 

That’s the logical view. Some, though, are electing to take a much more passionate stance on this matter that highlights how much this rule change means to tennis fans. 

“It belittles the mental warfare you and your opponent are having as you try to outplay one another,” says Reddit user Ventus55, who was one of the first to draw significant attention to this issue. “It erases the incredible comeback victories you can have after being down 90 percent of the match. It completely shatters the rewarding feeling of fighting tooth-and-nail for 20+ minutes to come out the victor by a tiny margin.”

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As Eurogamer notes, Ventus55 is joined in his outrage by fellow Reddit user MarioKartGuy27, who went so far as to try an receive a refund for his copy of the game. He failed to get a refund, but he did take some time to voice his outrage.

“You can’t call it ‘tennis’ without it actually being a tennis game,” wrote MarioKartGuy27. “Wouldn’t you be pissed if you bought an NFL football game that only allowed for you to be on offense once or twice before the game was over?”

The simple solution to this strange mess is for Nintendo to just add some customization options. We’ll see if the company chooses to do so in the next few months.