Mario Is Officially a Plumber Once More

We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the meeting in which this was discussed.

In an update that we sincerely hope will put an end to this story once and for all, Nintendo has seemingly confirmed that Mario is indeed still a plumber. 

Mario fans on the Nintendo subreddit have noticed that the official Mario bio on Nintendo’s website which started the whole plumber fiasco has recently been altered. Now, it seems to say that “[Mario’s] occupation is plumber,” but that he just so happens to have many other interests in life that sometimes divert his attention. 

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Why the change? Nintendo isn’t saying, but if we had to guess, it’s probably because of some strange internal logic that in no way brings us any closer to a new Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch. 

In case you don’t remember, this whole “Is he still a plumber” debate began when fans noted that Mario’s official profile page on the Nintendo of Japan website had been updated to reflect that Mario is no longer just a mere plumber. At that time, much like your average hipster yuppie, it appears that Nintendo had tried to indicate that Mario was now pursuing everything in life that is cool.  

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“All around sporty, whether it’s tennis or baseball, soccer or car racing, [Mario] does everything cool,” states the profile according to a translation by Kotaku. “As a matter of fact, he also seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago…”

Those concerned with the gaping plot holes in the Mario gaming universe found comfort in the fact that Nintendo has now explained how a plumber can also serve as a doctor, a kart racer, a tennis player, a golfer, and so many other professions. As it turned out, plumbing was just one of those things that Mario thought he’d dabble in for awhile. 

Some of you might also remember that Miyamoto confirmed that he imagines Mario to be a twenty-something-year-old man at this point. Not only does that mean Mario apparently doesn’t age, but it also lends some weight to the above-stated theory that he is enjoying the hipster renaissance man stage of his life for as long as he is able. Of course, it seems that plumbing still pays the bills (along with all those gold coins). 

There is still no word regarding whether Luigi ever found gainful employment.