Mafia Trademarks Hint at Possible Remasters

Take-Two has filed trademarks related to Mafia and Mafia 2. Could a pair of remasters be on the way?

Mafia remasters

A trio of trademarks registered by publisher Take-Two indicates that remasters of Mafia and Mafia 2 may be in development. 

Two of the applications filed recently by Take-Two relate to the names of Mafia and Mafia 2 as well as the logos associated with those titles. The date on the applications is Aug. 2, which is odd considering that neither of these properties necessarily need to be trademarked in accordance with the 10-year time frame applied to such trademarked properties. Naturally, this has led some to believe that the Take-Two team has something else planned. 

The other trademark is even more interesting. It’s also for the word “Mafia,” but the stylized text of the word suggests that it’s not related to any of the Mafia games we’ve seen so far (at least not directly). 

Theories abound regarding that third trademark. Some say that it could point to a possible sequel, while others speculate that it might be the text used for a potential collection of the first two (and maybe the third) Mafia games. In this instance, though, it’s entirely possible that the trademark is simply a precaution that Take-Two has taken in order to keep future options open.

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We’d certainly welcome a remaster (or even remake) of the original Mafia game as it’s arguably the best game that captures that romanticized ’20s/’30s era of organized crime. Mafia 2 is also an incredible experience in its own right and has held up pretty well over the years. While Mafia 3 was a pretty fun game with some incredible moments, it didn’t quite capture the spirit and flavor of the first two games in the series. 

Between this and the recently filed rating approval for Red Dead Redemption 2, though, it appears that we may be entering the season of official paperwork spoiling upcoming games. 

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