Madmind Studio’s Agony Will Be Censored on Consoles and Uncensored on PC

The highly disturbing Agony will be playable without compromise on PC.

In a rare move, developer Madmind Studio has announced that the PC version of their upcoming game Agony will be completely uncensored while the console versions of the title will not include certain pieces of in-game content.

In a post on the Agony‘s Kickstarter page, developer Madmind explained that they were informed that certain sections of the game would need to be toned down in order to avoid an Adults Only rating. If the game did receive an Adults Only rating, that means that it couldn’t have been released on consoles. As such, Madmind made all the necessary changes in order to ensure that the game receives a Mature rating on consoles and PC. 

Here’s where things get interesting. While the PC version of the game will launch with the same content featured in the console versions of Agony, Madmind plans to release an optional PC patch that will unlock all of the game’s censored content. That patch will not be available on console, and Madmind is offering those who backed the console version of the game the chance to switch to the PC version. 

At present, it’s not clear what content in the game triggered the dreaded AO rating. Madmind has confirmed that all of the content featured in the game’s trailer will remain in all versions of the title, which is pretty impressive considering that there was quite a bit of gore and implied sexual violence featured in that preview. We’ve also seen games with quite a bit of nudity and other disturbing content (Outlast 2 being a great example of the latter) pass console censorship requirements.

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If we had to guess, the cut content will likely not make up a significant part of the game and will probably be limited to environmental details. However, that is purely speculation at this time. 

Still, it’s incredibly odd to see a developer go this route in 2018. Old-school gamers will no doubt remember how the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Kombat featured a code that put the blood back in the game while the Super Nintendo version remained censored, but this isn’t something you see much of in the modern age. We’re quite interested to see how much of a difference the “censored content patch” really makes.