Madden NFL 19 Predicts Super Bowl Winner

Get ready to bet the family farm because Madden NFL 19 knows who is winning the Super Bowl.

Madden NFL 19 Simulation Super Bowl

Don’t even bother watching the Super Bowl because Madden NFL 19 has already simulated it. The yearly tradition of simulating the Super Bowl in Madden and undoubtedly changing the line in Vegas is now complete. According to EA, the biggest football game of the year will end with the Los Angeles Rams coming out on top of the New England Patriots 30 to 27.

While that close score generally indicates a pretty good game, the blow-by-blow recap of the simulation reveals that this is apparently going to be a historically great Super Bowl. Based on the simulation, the Patriots will lead 17-3 at halftime before the Los Angeles Rams score an astonishing 27 second-half points. While their offense will get them back in the game, the simulation suggests that it is defensive phenom Aaron Donald who will light up the stat sheets with an incredible four sacks in this game. Elsewhere, Rams receiver Robert Woods will turn in an impressive 103 yards and a touchdown.

Of course, we all know that this is a lie. Not only can we not remember the last time the Patriots have blown a two-possession halftime lead, but everyone knows that Tom Brady sold his soul years ago and he didn’t trade in his humanity to what we can only assume is one of the demons from Diablo to get embarrassed in the Super Bowl like that. 

As you’ve also probably figured out, Madden games have been historically hit and miss when it comes to actually predicting the outcomes of big games. We’re also a little curious why the Madden series doesn’t favor the Patriots considering that both franchises haven’t really changed that much over the last 17 years but continue to be successful nonetheless. 

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Naturally, we’re holding off on making any Super Bowl bets until the game has been simulated in Super Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, or the phenomenal ESPN NFL 2K5.

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