Lumines Remastered Set to Release in 2018

The best puzzle game this side of Tetris is ready to hit the dance floor again.

One of the best puzzle games ever made, Lumines, is getting a long-awaited remaster. 

While the game was revealed during the recent Nintendo Switch “Nindies” showcase about indie games, it appears that this remastered version of Lumines will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Across all platforms, this remaster will feature HD graphics, an enhanced soundtrack, and – reportedly – every song from the original game. It is being developed by Resonair and is expected to be released sometime in May. 

We don’t currently know if this remaster will feature any significant pieces of new content. While it stands to reason that there might be a few new songs, backgrounds, modes, or even content from the Lumines sequels, this could simply be a case of a game that is so anticipated that the simple presence of a remastered version of the base title might just prove to be popular enough. 

Not familiar with Lumines? Don’t be surprised. While the game is beloved by just about everyone who played it, the problem is that relatively few people got the chance to play it in its original portable form. The original Lumines debuted on PlayStation Portable in 2004 (2005 for Western gamers). It was critically well-received and is believed to have sold reasonably well, but the questionable popularity of the PSP vs. the Nintendo DS meant that it didn’t reach the number of gamers it probably should have. The game was ported to Xbox 360 and other platforms, but the PSP version was still considered to be the best. 

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As for the game itself, Lumines is best described as a rhythm puzzle title. Mechanically, it’s very similar to Tetris in that you just drop blocks on a grid map and match colors to clear spaces. There are a few twists on the formula here and there, but it’s a very simple title to understand. 

What separates Lumines, though, is its incorporation of music. Every level features a timeline that moves horizontally across the screen. When it touches completed blocks, it removes them from the board. This means that different songs can utilize different beats that change the timing of combo plays. 

Lumines is a great title that we highly recommend to anyone who has never been able to play it.