Light Fall Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

This creative 2D platformer forces you to make your own platforms.

Light Fall, a previously announced platformer from Bishop Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch. 

In Light Fall, you will be expected to navigate a series of minimalistic 2D levels via a platformer set-up. So far, so indie. What makes Light Fall stand out, though its the way that it utilizes the platforms themselves. 

The game’s hero has access to an item known as the Shadow Core. It’s a kind of magical box that can be manipulated in several ways to allow players to traverse dangerous landscapes and forge their own path to the end of the level. That isn’t to say that each level doesn’t include other, more traditional platforms, but rather that the Shadow Core will allow you to divert from the previously established methods of traversal. Light Fall‘s Switch trailer showcases how you’ll be able to perform complicated vertical and horizontal movements just by building a platform from thin air. 

While Light Fall‘s platforming mechanics seem to be the star of the show, early impressions of the game have also praised its lovely art style and the way it crafts a compelling story largely though environment and the presence of a helpful sidekick/narrator named Stryx. Based on the information provided thus far, it seems like the game’s narrative will utilize the concept of light and dark dueling and implement it into the game’s various challenging levels. 

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We know that there is a fair share of indie platformers on the market and that sorting through them for the gems kind of wears you out on the entire concept. Still, there’s something seemingly special about this little game. Its central mechanic is much cleverer than you might initially think and reportedly leads to some incredibly smoothe platforming action. The game’s world also feels like the kind that is just waiting to be explored by observant gamers.

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At present, it looks like Light Fall is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in March of 2018. Given that we’re currently in March of 2018, we’re guessing the game is going to drop soon or will otherwise be delayed slightly.