Lego The Incredibles Trailer and First Details Revealed

The Incredibles is going to get the full Lego game treatment, and we couldn't be more excited.

Warner Bros. and Disney have announced a new Lego title from TT Games based on Pixar’s The Incredibles

Lego The Incredibles is set to release in the United States on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 15th (the same day that The Incredibles 2 debuts in theaters). Fans in the UK will have to wait until July 13 to purchase the game (which is the date that the film premieres in that region). 

The game itself – which is detailed in an exclusive interview by IGN – will utilize an open-world hub area similar to what we’ve seen in recent Lego titles. As players complete various missions within the hub world, the hub will expand to include new areas that will more often than not be recognizable to Incredibles fans. Additionally, each area will feature a number of roaming “crime bosses” that players will be able to battle against as they so choose. Many of these side missions will rely on the standard TT Games Lego formula (i.e. “punch, build, solver minor puzzles, and collect hidden and non-hidden items”).

That said, there is a story in the game that was co-developed by TT Games and Pixar. The details regarding it are essentially non-existent at this time, but it sounds like the game will feature plot elements from both films. However, the majority of the media revealed for the game thus far suggests that the bulk of the story will occur sometime after the first movie when all the family members have begun to embrace their superhero status. As for the side missions, TT Games said they had a little more creative freedom there, which apparently allowed them to have a “little more fun.” 

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Speaking of fun, the game will introduce a somewhat new mechanic to the Lego formula that takes advantage of The Incredibles‘ super team status. On a basic level, players will be required to combine the powers of various heroes in order to solve puzzles (which should be great for co-op players). However, TT Games hinted that there may be many more uses of this mechanic throughout the game. Given that the game’s cast also features an array of Supers featured in the films and created by TT, it also seems like we might be treated to some rather creative power combos throughout the game. 

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It’s impossible to not trust TT Games at this point when it comes to Lego titles, and we’re just as excited as they are about the idea of an Incredibles game within the Lego world. Definitely, keep an eye on this one.