Legendary Pokemon are Coming To Pokemon GO in 2017

Niantic finally talks about when these Pokemon will arrive and why they haven't been added thus far.

Since the launch of Pokemon GO, players have been seeking out the elusive breed of creatures known as legendary Pokemon. The situation surrounding these Pokemon has proven to be more convoluted than it ever needed to be. While data miners have confirmed that legendary Pokemon do exist somewhere in the game’s code, almost nobody has actually captured one. 

The one notable exception to that rule thus far has been a player in Ohio who conquered a gym with help from the legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno. When asked how they got this creature, the player responded that she received it as part of an apology from Niantic over a technical issue. However, Niantic claims that the player received that Pokemon due to an accident on their part

Pokemon GO‘s seeming lack of intuitive ways to capture legendary creatures is beginning to feel like a curious design oversight. Fortunately, it’s a design oversight that developer Niantic plans to address soon. 

“I can say with certainty that we will see it more this year,” said Niantic CEO John Hanke in an interview with Wired over the matter of when legendary Pokemon will be added to the game.

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Hanke also noted that players should not expect all the legendary Pokemon from generations one and two to be available in the game whenever this update does roll around. At the moment, it appears that the Pokemon being discussed most are Mew, Mewtwo, and Pokemon GO‘s legendary team mascots Articuno, Zapados, and Moltres. This interview seems to confirm that there is indeed no factual method available which will allow you to capture legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO‘s current state. 

In an interview with Polygon, Pokemon GO director Tatsuo Nomura clarified the company’s position in regards to holding back on the release of certain Pokemon. 

The value of Pokemon is that each one is very unique, and they have their own stories and characteristics,” said Nomura. “I do want to preserve and if possible enhance that aspect as they’re not all the same.”

It makes sense that Niantic wants to make the arrival of these Pokemon feel like an event, but we hope that they get around to crafting said event sooner rather than later in order to add a fresh dimension to the game. 

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