Left 4 Dead and Evolve Developers Reveal Blade Runner VR Game

If you've ever wanted to participate in high-speed chases in the world of Blade Runner...wait, have you?

Turtle Rock Studios, the studio behind Evolve and the Left 4 Dead franchise is releasing a VR game based on Blade Runner 2049

The game, titled Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, will put players behind the wheel of one of the film’s spinners – a fancy term for flying vehicle used to combat replicants – and task them with hunting down fugitive replicants across urban environments. 

Replicant Pursuit‘s trailer suggests that this game might be an on-rail action experience with a little room for movement here and there. Like many VR action titles, the action itself seems limited to fairly simple shooting, driving, and crashing sequences. The appeal, of course, is the ability to hop into the world of the films. 

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So far as that goes, the few pieces of design showcased in the trailer at least appear to capture the spirit of the film franchise’s neo-noir design. In any case, there’s plenty of bright light and conveniently plot relevant advertisements. 

Replicant Pursuit is scheduled to release on July 21st, and Oculus has announced that they have partnered with other studios to release two more Blade Runner VR games before the release of the film’s October premiere. There’s no word on what those games are about or who is developing them. 

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The other interesting takeaway from this reveal is that Turtle Rock Studios is indeed still in business following the discontinuation of Evolve and a massive series of layoffs. The studio said that they intended to maintain a small crew and begin developing more games, but it’s nice to see that the legendary studio is still on their feet. 

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