League of Legends Update Adds Tournament Mode to Game

LoL players will soon be able to participate in a regular series of three day tournaments called Clash!

Riot Games is formally introducing a new tournament mode to League of Legends called Clash

Clash is essentially a way for Riot to allow League‘s non-professional players to participate in a professional-style tournament. Every other weekend, Clash mode will open and allow for players to enter a three-day tournament. The mode is open to players of all skill levels, but it’s not entirely clear how the overall ranking of teams with players from multiple skill levels will be calculated. However, Riot did mention higher-rated players affecting a team’s overall ranking.

What we do know is that Clash team creation will open on May 21. At that time, players will be able to submit their teams of five for the first Clash tournament that begins on May 25. You can even pick a team name and logo. The only catch here is that you’ll have to purchase a ticket in order to submit a team for play. Tickets can be bought from the store or earned by completing weekly missions. Once you’re entered, teams will be able to pick one of two possible start times for the first round of competition that Friday while the other matches will occur at a pre-determined start time. 

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Once matches begin, teams will be able to see their opponent’s hero picks and begin the ban phase. Teams will be able to play a minimum of two games for every day of the tournament that they participate in through the use of a consolation bracket that losing teams are sent to. As for the winning teams, they’ll be rewarded with various in-game prizes, but Riot hasn’t revealed the full range of specific prizes teams will be able to win or how they will be distributed.

What we do know is that players will earn victory points with every win that can be used to unlock banners that show up on Summoner’s Rift. You’ll also earn a Clash Capsule just for participating that contains an XP boost as well as an in-game reward that is based on how far you made it. 

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Overall, this mode sounds like an exciting addition to League of Legends. While the mode itself will rely heavily on the quality of the in-game matchmaking, it’s nice to see developers finding ways to translate the atmosphere and fun of competitive gaming to their in-game clients. With any luck, this idea will become a success and more games that don’t already have their own version of it will begin to incorporate variations of the idea.