League of Legends: The Next Champion Is Zoe

Everyone say hi to Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight.

Riot Games has revealed the next addition to League of Legends‘ ever-growing roster of champions.

Here’s our first look at Zoe:

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Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight – as we’ve learned she prefers to be called – may look out of place among some of League‘s most gruesome champions, but her Rainbow Brite looks do oddly fit in with the overal eclectic nature of the game’s roster. 

Unfortunately, the exact nature of Zoe’s abilities remain unknown. What we do know is that Zoe will serve as an incredibly mobile hero that is able to use the summoner spell Flash to dart around the map and frustrate foes. Furthermore, it appears that she has control over portals, which may allow her to cover great distances. There are also hints that she is capable of using some kind of sleeping powers to temporarily knock out enemies. 

The most fascinating hint regarding her potential abilities can be found around the halfway mark of that introduction trailer. We see Zoe collecting orbs that seem to not only recharge her abilities, but expand upon them. The current theory is that Zoe may somehow be able to perform a Kirby-like theft of her enemies’ abilities. 

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Even if that isn’t true, it’s fair to say that Zoe is being designed as a bit of a grand annoyance who will need to be kept in check by teams lest she prove to be the straw that breaks their back. If you’re looking for an out-of-game comparison to help understand her potential role in the game, think of Tracer from Overwatch. Swift, potentially powerful, and capable of getting you to divert your attention from larger threats. 

Zoe will be released alongside the game’s upcoming 7.23 patch. There is no confirmed release date for that patch, but it should be made available sometime in the next few weeks.