League of Legends Coming to Consoles and Mobile Devices

League of Legends Wild Rift is a new way for console and mobile players to experience the popular MOBA.

League of Legends console mobile port

League of Legends is finally coming to mobile devices and consoles in the form of a new version of the game called Wild Rift

We hesitate to call Wild Rift a port of League of Legends considering the Riot also doesn’t seem to want to use that word to describe this project. However, Wild Rift and League of Legends will share many similarities. Both will feature MOBA-style gameplay that sees teams of heroes compete to complete certain objectives, for instance. 

However, Riot says that they’ve altered the base League of Legends experience quite a bit in order to accommodate the mobile and console platforms. We’re waiting to hear the full details regarding what that really means, but the team has already stated that they’ve designed a new twin-stick (and touch screen) friendly control system for Wild Rift and that they plan on reducing the average match time to about 15-20 minutes. It will also feature some notable interface changes. 

In some ways, Wild Rift almost feels like a remake of League of Legends. It will retain the core experience of the original title, but you should expect it to look and perhaps even play quite a bit differently from what came before. 

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At the very least, the mobile version of Wild Rift feels like a natural progression for League of Legends. Mobile MOBA titles have been popular for years now, and fans have waited about that long for League to make the jump to that platform. We’re a little more curious about the console version of Wild Rift. Pure MOBA experiences on a console are somewhat of a rare beast, so it remains to be seen whether or not Wild Rift capture’s that market’s attention. Naturally, we expect the Switch version of that game to be very popular if indeed Wild Rift makes it to Nintendo’s platform.

The mobile version of Wild Rift is expected to enter beta sometime later this year with the full release of the game set to come in 2020. There’s no word regarding a release window for the console version of the title. 

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