Layers of Fear 2: Release Date Confirmed

Layers of Fear 2 dives into the horror of cinema history. Heres' when you'll be able to play it:

Layers of Fear 2 Release Date

New footage of the next Layers of Fear game suggests it will be as creepy and memorable as its predecessor. 

At PAX South, developer Bloober Team shared some new footage of the highly anticipated Layers of Fear 2. This sequel’s trailer is narrated by the legendary Tony Todd (Candyman) and is somewhat light on details but heavy on absolutely creepy atmosphere. 

However, some previously released information about the game does shed some light on the finer points. First off, it seems that the majority of the game will take place on a large ship that seems to be eerily similar to the doomed Titanic. Whether or not there is any firm connection between the two doesn’t appear to have been established. This being a Layers of Fear game, though, we’re guessing that trivial matters such as the borders of reality won’t hold for long in any case.

This sequel will deviate from the classic art motifs and plot points of the original game by instead focusing on the history of film. You play an actor who is preparing for a major role but struggles to maintain his sanity under the pressure of the situation. That plot echoes the basic structure of the original, but we’re willing to bet that this new game will feature a few twists on that formula. 

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While the original Layers of Fear drew much of its initial attention due to its similarities to the ill-fated P.T., the game eventually made a name for itself based on the strength of its incredible plot, beautiful atmosphere, and shocking moments. We have no reason to suspect the developers won’t be able to replicate that experience with this sequel. 

Layers of Fear 2will be released on May 28 for Steam. There’s no word at this time regarding whether or not it will be available for additional platforms or whether or not the Epic Store will swoop in at the final hour to add it to their exclusives.  

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