Last Stand Adds a 16-Man Competitive Mode to The Division

The game's next PvP mode features a slight PvE twist.

Over the last few months, Ubisoft has done an admirable job of expanding upon The Division‘s initially meager offerings with a plethora of new content. Their efforts to help The Division achieve its full potential will continue in the game’s next expansion, The Last Stand.  

Revealed during Ubisoft’s state of the game livestream, The Last Stand will add a new competitive mode to the game. This mode will see two teams of eight players do battle over a small chunk of the Dark Zone and the computer terminals it contains. In order to win, you’ll need to capture all terminals or have the highest team score at the end of 20 minutes. 

What makes this mode so fascinating is the inclusion of A.I. enemies that roam the competitive multiplayer map. These enemies will try to kill members of both teams and hinder their general progress. Killing them will not only be necessary for your survival, but it will reward you with new ability boosts and defensive fortifications such as turrets, a sonar pulse that alerts you to the location of your enemies, and stations that allow you to gain enhanced stats. 

The Last Stand‘s ranking system will be separate from the main game’s and will cap at level 40. Every new rank will come with a collection of items as a reward while certain tiered ranks will yield unique items exclusive to the mode. In order to start playing The Last Stand, you’ll need to have reached level 30 within the core game. 

At this time, there is no release date available for The Last Stand. However, it will be available to season pass holders ahead of time. Following that, all other users will be able to purchase the expansion for $15. 

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