Kong: Skull Island Director Talks Essential Metal Gear Characters

Jordan Vogt-Roberts knows there are some aspects of the franchise that have to be in the film.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has already confirmed that he is actually a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, but in case you need further proof that Vogt-Roberts is the right man to bring Snake’s adventures to the big screen, his latest interview with IGN should help ease your doubts. 

When asked about which Metal Gear Solid characters he really wants to include in the film, Vogt-Roberts replied, “I mean, I’m a big Sniper Wolf fan, and when we were sitting down to think about the script at a certain point it was like, ‘is Cyborg Ninja in this movie or not?’ and the part of me that was a little kid was like, ‘there’s no world in which I’m ever going to make a Metal Gear movie that Cyborg Ninja is not going to be in.’ It’s really easy to be like, ‘it’s a good character to save for the second one,’ but no, no, no.”

Vogt-Robert’s desire to faithfully translate the charms and quirks of the Metal Gear franchise to the big screen is certainly ambitious. Aside from the aforementioned wide cast of characters such an endeavor requires, that also means that Vogt-Roberts has to deal with the more bizarre storytelling aspects that Hideo Kojima infused into the series over time. For instance, Vogt-Roberts has already been thinking about whether the game’s fourth wall breaks are going to be in the movie. 

I actually do think that considering breaking the fourth wall is an important part of potentially what that movie would be,” said the director. “I think things like Deadpool have actually shown that you can play with that concept these days. To me, the fourth wall breaking is a little less important than the walking philosophies and ideologies those characters represent…If breaking the fourth wall makes sense, I’m all for it, [but] I’m more interested in the ‘Kojima conversations’ about whatever song came out then or whatever.”

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Kojima conversations is certainly a clean way to address the brilliant – but undeniably weird – dialogue spread throughout the Metal Gear Solid games. If there’s one thing that we can be relatively sure of, though, it’s that Vogt-Robert’s MGS movie is not going to be a standard military espionage film and should focus on the more bizarre nature of the games.

If you want a preview of what Vogt-Roberts can do behind the camera with a larger budget, be sure to check out his latest film, Kong: Skull Island, opening on March 10th. It’s the film that inspired Hideo Kojima to proclaim Vogt-Roberts to be a “genius.”

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