King of Fighters XV in Development

Evo 2019 not only showed us that we're getting more out of Samurai Shodown, but SNK is hard at work on King of Fighters XV!

King of Fighters 15

The Evolution Championship Series 2019 was very good to SNK. Their recent release Samurai Shodown not only had a strong turnout, but it was by far the most entrants any SNK game has ever had on the Evo stage. It was a gamble that paid off as Samurai Shodown was announced at last year’s show and was made part of this year’s roster long before it was even released. And when it was released, the scant roster wasn’t helping things.

On Sunday, a video showed off Samurai Shodown’s season of DLC. Not only did it announce an extra character, but it also showed us what everyone would look like in-game. Once a month, someone will be added to the game, giving us classic series favorites Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki Kazama, Wan-Fu, and Shizumaru Hisame. There will also be a second season of DLC and the first character released will be petite archer Mina Majikina, who won a fan popularity poll.

That’s all well and good, but the big news came right at the end of the trailer. They flashed a logo for King of Fighters XV with the message that it was currently in development.

This is fantastic news. King of Fighters XIV came out in 2016 and it was a damn good game, marred only by its rather unspectacular graphics. Comparison to PlayStation 2 character models came up an awful lot and really turned people off of what was one of the best entries in the 25-year-old series. Not only was the gameplay incredibly solid, but it had a massive roster of 58 characters once all the DLC was done with.

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While it seems too early to speculate based on being given so little information, King of Fighters XIV’s storyline does make it seem like we’re going to be seeing a lot of names from the past in the new game, no matter how hard they were written out of the story. The conflict against the game’s villain Verse has appeared to bring back several names from previous games, which included former hero character Ash Crimson, who not only died, but was removed from history itself and never actually existed! One ending even suggested the inclusion of Jeff Bogard, the long-dead father of Fatal Fury protagonists Terry and Andy, who has never been playable in any way.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how dead a character is by this point. Anything goes!

…Except K9999, I guess. They really don’t like including him due to legal issues.

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