Kartridge Is a New Digital Store for Indie Games

This new platform will feature exclusive deals and enhanced social features.

Kongregate has revealed a new digital gaming platform called Kartridge, which is described as “a community-driven, downloadable games platform offering consumers a wide range of titles, with a focus on premium games.” What that means to you is that Kartridge will sell a variety of indie games as well as some larger titles across several different pricing structures.

For instance, it will allow for traditional direct payment as well as free-to-play titles and bundle deals similar to what Humble Bundle offers. Kartridge will also emphasize social interaction among the service’s various users and will implement a kind of service achievement system that can reward discounts. 

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“Kartridge is more than just a platform,” said Emily Greer, CEO and co-founder of Kongregate. “It’s a culmination of more than 10 years in the gaming industry. We’ve combined our experience building and running a thriving web gaming portal at Kongregate.com with the knowledge and relationships we’ve built through our publishing program to bring something to both players and developers that was missing in the market.”

Of course, it will take more than a few good deals to help Kartridge stand out from the likes of Steam, Humble Store, and GOG. That’s why the service will also push a more focused recommendation algorithm that will supposedly help ensure gamers see the games that truly interest them (as well as some they might not yet know about). Additionally, Kartridge will utilize a more generous revenue model that rewards the first $10,000 in revenue to the developer as well as 70% of all additional revenue for games put on the platform before October 31st. This move is designed to assist and incentivize developers to join the platform.  

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Greer has also stated that “Kartridge is not a replacement for Kongregate.com; it is an evolution.” Kongregate’s website, which serves as a web gaming portal, will continue to operate as it has before, while Kartridge offers another platform for indie developers looking for additional exposure and, potentially, additional revenue. Greer also hinted at the possibility of Kartridge supporting a built-in streaming service sometime in the future. 

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If you’re interested in Kartridge, you can sign-up for the beta here. There is no word on when it might be formally released.