Japanese TV Show Turns Final Fantasy XIV Into a Family Drama

It's like that Warcraft episode of South Park, but...you know...respectful.

You would assume that a live-action Final Fantasy show would basically be a more mythical take on Game of Thrones complete with dragons, sorcery, elaborate world-spanning plots, and a maniacal villain or two. 

Leave it to Japan, then, to turn a live-action Final Fantasy show into an emotional journey starring a father and son who live in our world. 

According to the blog Model Press (via Kotaku), the show, called Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy Of Light, is a bizarre mix of gameplay and real world drama. The plot loosely involves a father and son who become addicted to the online world of Final Fantasy XIV and begin to form a bond through their time spent in the game that eventually spills over into their real-world lives. 

With a description like that, you’d think that the whole project is just an elaborate marketing ploy engineered by Square Enix to educate people about how Final Fantasy XIV can bring families together. However, the premise is actually loosely based on a Final Fantasy fan’s blog called The Father of Light that recounts the adventures of his elderly father who suddenly found himself engrossed by Final Fantasy XIV.

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Although our Japanese isn’t quite good enough to appreciate the subtleties of the blog posts – or read any word written in Japanese – the stories themselves are supposedly quite good and could actually prove to serve as the basis for the most interesting video game-related program to ever air on television. 

Unfortunately, it sounds pretty unlikely that the show will ever transition to international markets. If you’re interested in following the intriguing program, though, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is expected to debut on Japanese television sometime in April.