Insomniac Is Willing to Make Sunset Overdrive 2 For Other Consoles

Whether it's Microsoft or someone else, Insomniac is just looking for a publisher.

Early into the Xbox One’s lifecycle, Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive was touted as one of the console’s premiere exclusives. While the final game wasn’t exactly a system seller, it was a creative and enjoyable action title that was brimming with Insomniac’s trademark personality. Fans of the experience have been clamoring for Insomniac to take another attempt at perfecting the concept. Unfortunately, there’s been no real word on if that sequel is anything more than a pipedream.

Recently, though, Insomniac’s CEO Ted Price commented on the possibility of the studio developing a Sunset Overdrive sequel. 

Sunset [Overdrive] is something that I know a lot of our fans talk about wanting to see the sequel,” said Price during a Twitch stream. “We need a partner for that. That’s a big game; Sunset 2 would be a very large-scope game.”

Price went on to confirm that Insomniac does own the rights to the game. Since that’s the case, they are open to considering a multiplatform release for the sequel if the right offer comes along that allows them to do so. 

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The idea of a multiplatform Sunset Overdrive sequel is especially interesting when you consider that Game Informer asked Ted Price whether or not they had any plans in place for a sequel. Price’s response directed attention to Microsoft. 

“You’d have to ask Microsoft,” said Price. “We are passionate about that franchise, and we own it, so you may see more Sunset in the future from us. No promises, and no timeline to speak of, but it is something that represents our willingness to create unexpected experiences.”

We now know that Insomniac does still control the creative rights to the property, which does make you wonder why Price specifically called out Microsoft in his previous statements. Perhaps he still held out hope that the publisher would contact Insomniac in hopes of the studio furthering one of Xbox One’s exclusive properties.

As for whether or not Microsoft is interested in a sequel, Price is quite right to imply that someone would need to ask Microsoft that question directly. Thus far, they haven’t really given any indication that they are interested in publishing a sequel. A Microsoft spokesperson once said that the company was proud of the work that Insomniac did on the game, but declined to elaborate on the possibility of a PC port, much less a sequel. 

For now, then, we’ll just have to keep looking forward to Insomniac’s Spider-Man game while hoping for the best.