Injustice 2 #29 Spotlights a Jailbreak Mixup

Supergirl washes up on Paradise Island in this exclusive preview of Injustice 2.

Injustice 2
Photo: WB Games

You might want to put on an oven mitt, because the timer just dinged on this scorching hot take:

DC does non-movie other-media tie-ins better than Marvel. By a LOT.

Case in point: Injustice 2. Despite taking place on a world where Superman is in jail for being a murderous tyrant, everything about the game feels right set within the DC multiverse. Probably in no small part because they lean so heavily into the multiverse concept – setting arcade towers on parallel Earths, referencing the multiverse in half the arcade mode endings (Green Arrow’s made me reread Multiversity. Again). A big part of the success of the game is how invested in the world the comics side of the company has been: Injustice: Gods Among Usyears one through five were great, surprisingly nuanced looks at what could have been a brutal, simplistic world.

Tom Taylor’s writing was a big part of that, adding subtle emotion to characters that could have been throwaway bits. He’s back for this series, along with Mike Miller on pencils. DC sent over a preview of Injustice 2#29, a digital first book releasing this week, and Miller’s linework looks a lot like John Romita, Jr. here. Here’s what they have to say about the issue:

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Black Adam and Damian send Supergirl out on a mission to rescue Wonder Woman from a Themiscyran prison. But before her would-be liberator arrives, the former Princess Diana is visited in her cell by an old antagonist.

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