Husk Explores the Horror of Domestic Abuse

You can go home again, but you may not want to.

As Resident Evil VII fasts approaches, the eyes of horror gaming fans everywhere are firmly locked upon the Capcom’s next entrant into the defining video game horror franchise. While Resident Evil is sure to be the most high-profile horror release this year, arguably the most interesting scary game on the horizon is a little title called Husk

It’s not often that we get a horror game trailer that begins with hotline information for domestic abuse victims, but that subject happens to be at the heart of Husk. The game’s story follows a man named Matthew Palmer who has just lost his wife and daughter following a train crash. You are driven by your desire to discover what happened to your family while battling various monsters that impede your progress. 

Besides ghosts and ghouls, Palmer is also haunted by his past and the memories of his abusive father. Husk‘s developers claim that this past will play a vital role in the game’s plot and will often draw upon the horrors of this all-too-real nightmare. This tidbit does lead one to believe that certain elements of the game may be manifestations of the protagonist’s past.  

The rest of Husk feels decidedly more mythical. The game’s small-town, rural atmosphere certainly invokes memories of Twin Peaks and Silent Hill, but there also seems to be a hint of Alan Wake in the formula that reveals itself through the game’s manipulation of light and darkness. Despite the scene in the trailer which features Palmer staring down a monster through the sights of a revolver, developer UndeadScout insists that this is not an action game but rather a first-person adventure.

Husk is currently set to release on February 3rd for PC.

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