How Aliens Inspired Resident Evil 2 Remake

A Resident Evil 2 side character will be much more important in the remake thanks, in part, to Aliens.

When it came time to re-imagine Sherry for Resident Evil 2‘s remake, Capcom turned to a pretty notable source for inspiration. 

“Newt from Aliens was something of a reference point,” said director Kazunori Kadoi in an interview with Eurogamer. “The first time you meet her and seeing, yeah, she’s seen some serious stuff!”

Kaido is referring to the original version of Sherry in Resident Evil 2 who was, to be honest, not much of a character. She was just the little girl who needed help. As such, Capcom wanted to ensure that the remake’s version of Sherry was a little more well-rounded as a person and contributed more to the overall story. 

“We wanted to add depth to her,” said Kadoi. “Because you’re looking at her in a more photorealistic environment, and the characters look more human and realistic, that naturally means we have to add more depth to them because they’re a lot less cartoonish and two dimensional. Back in the day, the storytelling was revolutionary because horror games didn’t have stories. We have to meet fan expectations now with games designed for 2019.”

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According to Kadoi, the team’s goal isn’t to change everything about the original, but rather find ways to translate the intentions of the original game into the modern age. In the case of Sherry, that means constructing a character that has a personality of her own and who fits into the slightly more realistic (or grounded) tones of the remake. It also means finding that right balance between the camp of the original and the thematic shift of the remake. That includes reimagining a confrontation with a certain giant alligator.

“We did our best to make it more believable as much as possible,” Kadoi says. “So, whether or not a giant alligator of that size could exist and has a place in this story is put aside. If there was one, how much weight should it have to its movements? Should it be able to jump this far across the room? We’re accepting it exists, so maybe it should be a bit more weighty and believable in that sense? When you make things a bit more believable, people can accept the leap of logic a bit more.”

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