Hotline Miami Developers Deny Hotline Miami 3 Rumors

Despite what a recent video suggests, Hotline Miami 3 isn't in development.

Hotline Miami 3 Rumor

A cryptic video released via Twitter has gotten gamers buzzing about Hotline Miami 3. However, Devolver Digital has stepped in to confirm that they are not actually developing a sequel to the revolutionary indie title. 

“This is a very cool fan film (or teaser for one maybe) but rest assured there is not another Hotline Miami game in development,” reads a tweet from the Hotline Miami Twitter account. Devolver Digital also reached out to IGN to confirm a new Hotline Miami game is not in development. 

Interestingly, the tweet from the Hotline Miami account also seems to suggest that they have no idea what the mysterious video is related to. Like many at this time, they are speculating that it’s related to some kind of fan film or similar project. The fact that they seem to be in the dark about the specifics would rule out the possibility that the video is a teaser for some kind of official Hotline Miami adaptation. 

More importantly, though, it confirms that this video is not only not related to a Hotline Miami sequel in development but that the Hotline Miami team isn’t working on a sequel to the series at the moment whether it’s related to the video or not. 

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That’s unfortunate. Hotline Miami is one of the greatest action games ever made and one of the most important indie titles of the indie game era. While Hotline Miami 2 didn’t quite recapture the magic of the original experience, it still featured the original’s puzzle-like action sequences and wonderfully over-the-top ’80s aesthetics. 

As for that fan video, we’ll certainly have to keep an eye on whatever that’s about as the initial teaser suggests it may be a fascinating project in its own right. 

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