Hitman Is Getting a New Campaign Called “Patient Zero”

Welcome back, Agent 47.

IO Interactive has released a new trailer and the first content details for Hitman‘s Game of the Year Edition. 

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This GOTY Edition of the 2016 title will include all of the original game’s base content – meaning that it will compile all of Season One’s episodic missions – as well as some resurrected Elusive Target missions. Previously, Elusive Target missions were only available to players for a limited period of time. If the player failed that mission – or failed to complete it during its window of availability – then the mission was gone forever. 

Hitman‘s GOTY update will allow players to experience any Elusive Target missions they missed. However, any failed missions will not be re-playable. This update somewhat contradicts a previous statement from IO which suggested that Elusive Target missions will never be made available beyond their initial offering. 

Additionally, the new edition of Hitman will feature a new campaign titled “Patient Zero.” This campaign is actually just comprised of previous Hitman maps (specifically Sapienza, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido) but it will tie those levels together with a new narrative. Furthermore, each level will come complete with new enemy layouts, new objectives, new disguises, and new mechanics.

Along with the major new in-game content, this GOTY Edition will include new Escalation outfits and weapons as well as some enhanced UI and visual features. 

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Hitman‘s Game of the Year Edition is expected to release on November 7th. Current Hitman owners will be able to purchase it for $20, while new players can get the GOTY package for the full retail price. 

While this isn’t quite the Hitman: Season Two announcement that we’re waiting for, it’s nice to know that IO’s recent troubles haven’t prevented them from developing more Hitman content. 

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