Heroes of the Storm: Hanzo and Alexstrasza Are the Next Heroes

Cue the Powerman 5000 because this is what it's like when worlds collide. Hanzo and Alexstrasza arrive to Heroes of the Storm!

Heroes of the Storm is set to receive some major content updates starting with the additions Hanzo and Alexstrasza as the game’s newest heroes. 

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Overwatch fans will no doubt know archer Hanzo as the character that the guy on your team most certainly can’t play despite his protests to the contrary and the character on the other team capable of one-shotting you around a corner and in the dark. Blizzard described him as a scout/assassin type character who is mostly trying to prey off weakened foes while scouting ahead for the rest of the team. If he’s anything like he is in Overwatch, you should also expect him to have access to a couple of abilities that are capable of dealing sweeping damage. 

Alexstrasza, meanwhile, will probably be most recognizable to World of Warcraft fans. This legendary dragon queen has been a fixture of the Warcraft mythos for quite some time. In Heroes of the Storm, she will serve as a ranged support character who can also transform into a dragon when she needs to deal some damage. 

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Heroes of the Storm additions. Blizzard has promised to introduced some significant changes and improvements to the game during the course of 2018. While they did not go into details yet rearding the specific extent of these changes, they did reference long-awaited improvements such as a new camera system, general performance upgrades, a better stealth system, “evolved” mechanics, and a new matchmaking system that will take into account your individual performance when trying to find the best match for you. 

We fully expect Blizzard to reveal more about all these features before the end of Blizzcon, but it certainly sounds like they are trying to correct some long-standing design errors that have hindered the growth of Heroes of the Storm. As it stands, Blizzard’s moba trails behind the likes of League of legends and DOTA 2

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There’s no word on when these updates – including the game’s newest heroes – will be made available for public play.