Hearthstone Update 10.2 Patch Notes

Upcoming changes should help greatly diversify the game's competitive meta.

Blizzard has announced that Hearthstone‘s 10.2 update will finally nerf some of the game’s most problematic cards. 

First up is a huge change to Patches the Pirate. This one mana legendary card has been the bane of player’s existence since it was released as part of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. While this one attack and one health card isn’t game-winning on its own, the fact that it’s a free play that can attack right away when you play a pirate was so valuable that Patches began working his way into nearly very aggressive and midrange deck. 

This upcoming patch will simply remove Patches’ ability to charge. While he’s still a free card that thins your deck, this will drastically reduce his ability to influence early games by attacking right away. He will likely still see play, but he won’t be forced into every deck. 

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The same cannot be said for the new Corridor Creeper. Creeper has quickly become the most impactful card from the recent Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. He could basically be played for free in the early and late rounds which made him a favorite of aggressive decks that lose lots of small minions and slower decks that clear the board. The new Creeper, however, has three less attack than before. This effectively kills the card as even two of the new Creepers on a board doesn’t equal the attack power of one of the original Creepers. 

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Next, we have a change to Raza the Unchained that will drastically impact the game’s competitive scene. Whereas the old Raza allowed for players running to Shadow Reaper Anduin to deal two damage with every single card they played, this new version will make them consider mana economy a bit more by making the previously free upgraded hero power cost one. Raza was set to rotate out of Standard mode in a couple of months, but this new change will likely ensure he exits decks sooner than that.


Finally, Bonemare – one of the most powerful neutral seven mana cards ever made – will cost eight mana instead of seven when this upcoming patch hits. To be honest, this card will likely still see play in a lot of decks that are currently running him, but this will ensure he can’t swing the game quite as early as before. That makes it a pretty good nerf. 

We’ll be sure to update this post with the full patch notes as soon as they become available in February.