Hearthstone Update Adds 10 New Cards to Base Game

Hearthstone is getting 10 new cards as part of a surprising new update.

Hearthstone New Cards

The Hearthstone team have revealed a surprising addition to the game as two staple cards are being sent to the Hall of Fame while 10 new cards are being added to the game’s “Classic” set. These moves are designed to accomplish two things: replenish the game’s Classic set of cards following the addition of previous cards to the Hall of Fame and to better establish what Blizzard refers to as class identity. 

“When defining a class’s identity, we’re primarily concerned with staying true to the following three guidelines: adhere to a class’s “fantasy”, define the things the class should excel at, and establish where the class should struggle,” reads a post on the Hearthstone website. “When looking at the fantasy of each class we want to capture the emotion of the class through gameplay. That could mean charging headfirst into battle as a Warrior, wielding devastating magical spells as a Mage, or plotting the perfect combination of moves as a Rogue. Once we know what makes a class tick, we can make better decisions about what cards fit and empower that fantasy.”

The blog post goes on to explain what some of the current class identities are in the minds of Hearthstone‘s developers and what each class excels at, is limited at, and what they are supposed to be weak at. In that spirit, Blizzard has decided that the Priest card Mind Blast and the Rogue card Vanish should be sent to the Hall of Fame. In both cases, these cards allow each class to accomplish things that aren’t part of their intended class identity. 

Instead, each class will receive a new card designed to better represent their identity. Rogues are getting the four-mana Plaguebringer while Priests are getting the one-mana spell, Radiance. While neither card looks especially powerful, they certainly do seem to represent what Blizzard wants each class to be about. 

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Joining those two cards are eight more Classic cards that include new Legendaries, new class cards, and new neutral cards that are seemingly not intended to replace what has previously been lost but rather replenish the base game’s card stock a bit. All of these new cards will be available via packs and crafting following the release of the game’s next major update. 

It’s certainly been an eventful time to be a Hearthstone fan. Blizzard has been more active than usual since the game’s Rise of Shadows release by actually going so far as to buff old cards and release more in-game events between expansions

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