Hearthstone: New Hall of Fame Cards and Massive Update Revealed

The next Hearthstone expansion is going to shake the game up quite a bit.

Hearthstone Hall of Fame Changes

Hearthstone is about to enjoy some sweeping changes in preparation for the incoming Year of the Dragon content season. 

First off, the next batch of Hearthstone Hall of Fame cards includes the surprise additions of Genn and Baku. This is the first time that cards have been rotated out of standard ahead of their scheduled date. As Hearthstone players know, though, these two cards have created a bit of a problem in the game in terms of balance. Put simply, they’re just too good and the way they force players to build their decks around odd and even cards has limited the incentive for players to create inventive new decks. Other cards which utilize the odd/even system (Black Cat, Gloom Stag, Glitter Moth, and Murkspark Eel) will also be sent to the Hall of Fame.  

Joining those cards in the net Hall of Fame class is Doomguard, Naturlize, and Divine Favor. There’s really no surprises among that lineup, but it’s interesting to see that some of the most popular and powerful classic cards (particularly Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Leeroy Jenkins) will remain in the game’s Standard mode for another year. 

Hearthstone‘s Arena mode will also enjoy a bit of a refresh. Arena drafts will consist of cards from six expansions (which will always include the most recent expansion). The exact expansions will change every two months and will include standard and wild releases. On top of that, Arena wins will soon count towards earning a golden hero portrait. However, that change won’t be implemented until the Year of the Dragon starts in April alongside the new expansion release. 

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There’s also a new single-player mode coming to Hearthstone with the release of the new expansion. Blizzard isn’t sharing the details at this time, but these new modes will follow the old adventure format (meaning you’ll need to complete various wings of challenges in order to progress). The first wing will be free, but getting all five will set you back $19.99 or 700 gold. The trade-off is that you’ll get much more content, a card back, and a pack featuring all-golden cards. You can read more about this mode here

Topping off the list of changes is a better deck AI assistant deck building system, a season-long storytelling system, and a random card back generator. All of these updates will be released alongside the next Hearthstone expansion in April. 

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