Halo is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Version of Minecraft

Not quite the Switch version of Halo we'd like to see, but it's a start.

Here’s a strange story for you fine folks. 

Microsoft – who now owns Minecraft in case you’ve forgotten – has been touting a crossplay version of Minecraft called the Better Together Update that will allow for Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS, Oculus Rift, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Gear VR, and Nintendo Switch Minecraft players to play their respective versions of the game together. 

In case you are wondering, we did not forget to include the PlayStation 4 in that list. Sony has opted out of the crossplay agreement as part of the company’s stance against crossplay titles due to concerns regarding violations of the PlayStation Network policies and other technical factors.

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If you really want to appreciate just how bizarre this initiative is, consider the fact that the Better Together Update will allow Nintendo Switch Minecraft players to utilize the Halo mash-up pack that was previously only available to Xbox users.

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Just as it sounds, this mash-up pack adds Halo skins, worlds, and items to Minecraft. While it doesn’t change much beyond the game’s visuals, it does feature a plethora of licensed Halo characters and levels. 

People weren’t sure if Microsoft would allow other platforms to utilize those skins given the value of the property they are associated with. However, in a blog post, Microsoft noted that they are working on adding such DLC content to the Better Together Update. 

“Custom skins are awesome, and we know you love them!” said Microsoft. “Getting them to work on consoles requires some work on the platform holders’ side to enable things like this. We’re working with them to get everything in place to enable this in a future update.”

Of course, this has already got people wondering whether Nintendo will return the favor by allowing Xbox users- and other participating companies – to download the Mario mash-up pack for Minecraft currently available to Wii U and Nintendo Switch users. 

Is this the dawn of an exciting new age of console brotherhood? Probably not, but it’s still interesting. 

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