Halo 4 multiplayer and story details

Some juicy bits of information regarding 343’s Halo 4 have surfaced...

Halo 4

A few new snippets of information regarding both the single player and multiplayer of 343’s Halo 4 have found their way online, and even the most cynical Halo critic may have to sit up and pay attention this time.

Most importantly, to most Halo fans at least, will be the details cantered around multiplayer. As 343 Industries has already announced, this aspect of Halo has been radically revamped, and will tie into the main story for the first time, brining a sense of purpose to the online battles.

A new mode called Regicide will feature, and will see the most successful player be hunted down by everyone else, with the winning ‘king’ redeeming the points. Weapon drops will now be random, so there’s be no more memorizing where the rocket launcher or plasma sword are, and respawn times will be a thing of the past.

However, far more interesting will be the addition of Spartan Ops. This co-op mode will be an episodic affair, and new instalments will be released over a few months. And, to make matters even better, they’ll be free. Nice.

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This is all certainly a good sign that 343 is looking into refining and evolving the multiplayer component, something it’ll need if it’s to have a hope of competing against the next inevitable CoD instalment.

As for single player, details are still fairly scarce, but it would appear that the story will take some pointers from Halo‘s extended canon and involves a dying Cortana.

AIs in the Halo universe have a limited shelf life of around seven years, and Halo 4 will see Cortana reaching this point, with Master Chief presumably having to do something about it. It’s also been hinted that the Forerunners will make an appearance. Interesting stuff, indeed.

Halo fans the world over no doubt shed a tear or two when Bungie parted ways with Master Chief, but it looks as though 343 Industries may well be a good caretaker of the Halo universe, and if this information is anything to go by, is going to bring something new to the franchise.