Halo 3 Fans Spent 10 Years Trying to Enter a Cage

You might think they're crazy, but you have to admire the amount of work that went into this accomplishment.

Like the island in Goldeneye 007, there are just some seemingly inaccessible areas in video games that fans refuse to believe cannot be walked upon. For Halo 3 fans, that area is a small gated section on the Sierra 117 level that came to be known among the game’s community as “The Cage.” For 10 years, a community of players has desperately tried to get into The Cage with no luck. 

That all changed recently when a group of Halo 3 trick artists finally found a way into this fabled zone. 

A Halo 3 group known as Termacious Trickery finally managed to step foot into barricaded – yet still very visible – portion of the Sierra 117 map that Halo 3 players have been trying to glitch their way into for a decade. 

After countless hours of playtesting, the gamer group finally found the right combination of actions that would allow them to access the area. We’ll spare you the blow-by-blow as the video does a better job of highlighting the sheer madness behind their method, but the basic process involved abusing the game’s checkpoint system and slowly maneuvering a Pelican via a series of complex methods that allowed the players to finally spawn in the walled-off area. 

Why would anyone go through all of this? In an interview with Kotaku, one of Termacious Trickery’s members explained their motivation.

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“It’s kind of cool to think, ‘Hey hundreds of thousands of people have played Halo’s campaign but we are the only ones to do this,’” said team member Aaron Sekala. “Each failed attempt would give us more knowledge on the cage. I think that’s where the motivation came from; we felt it had to be possible because each plan we got closer and closer.”

Sekala goes on to say that he and Termacious Trickery will continue to try to solve some of the most prevalent mysteries in the Halo franchise, including the existence of the mythical “Red Room” in Halo Reach

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