Google Stadia Direct Live Stream: Price, Games, and News Revealed

We'll finally learn more about Google Stadia this week during a special reveal live stream ahead of E3 2019. Watch the stream here!

Google Stadia New Games 2020

Google will share more details about its upcoming Stadia cloud gaming service in a special, pre-E3 live stream on Thursday, June 6 at 12 pm ET. The first-ever Stadia Connect broadcast will reveal more games coming to the service as well as the price — one of the big questions left over from Stadia’s initial reveal in February.

Price point will be one of Google’s biggest challenges as it tries to make a splash in the gaming market. It’s unknown if Stadia will charge users a monthly subscription to play games on the service as well as use the many other social features that come with it, or if an a la carte pricing model will be used, but Google will want to hit that sweet spot of affordability, especially when other games-focused cloud services already exist. Too high a price, on top of the costs of a minimum of 25 MBps internet service and the Stadia controller (which is optional, as far as we know), will drive many folks away even before Google is out of the gate.

In terms of what you can play on Stadia, only two major AAA games have been confirmed, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the upcoming Doom Eternal, but Google has also launched its own in-house developer, Stadia Games and Entertainment, to create games for the service. It’s likely we’ll hear about one or two of these first-party titles during the reveal. As for third-party games, it’s possible that some titles that are already coming to consoles and PC will end up on Stadia as well. 

We briefly demoed Google Stadia at GDC and didn’t find any major, deal-breaking issues, although we did experience some latency issues with Doom Eternal, a wrinkle we hope the company will do away with before the game launches on the service. 

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When might that launch be exactly? We’ll probably get that date during Stadia Connect as well as a few more, much-needed answers. You can watch the live stream below:

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