Good Game: The Gaming Week in Review (Nov 18 – Nov 22)

Microsoft’s Xbox One is finally released this week, alongside some staggering sales numbers from Sony’s PS4 and the speculation on a few upcoming next-gen game releases...

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is finally released this week after its yearlong and controversial uphill battle

In gaming news this week, the Xbox One released. The time has come, fellow Xbox fans! After what felt like a long and grueling campaign since the console’s official unveiling this past May (not to mention the online restrictions fiasco that plagued the console during its early days and had Microsoft reversing their entire marketing message), the Xbox One has finally been released this week! And to celebrate the hugely anticipated launch of the next-generation home gaming console, Microsoft even went so far as to issue their very own Doctor’s Note for their dedicated fanbase looking for a way out of work on Friday to play their brand new Xbox One. The Doctor’s Note is an especially nice touch, which really shows that Microsoft still has a sense of humor and their creative wits about them, as it prescribes a “heavy dose of Xbox One” as the suggested remedy for ailments concerning the Zombie Flu. Has anyone actually tried to use this note as an excuse for bailing on work on Friday?

But much like Sony’s own console launch last week, whose PlayStation 4 suffered from a few “blue line of death” manufacturing errors, it already seems like Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox One won’t be going without its own bumps along the way. Specifically, a few users have been reporting that their brand new Xbox One arrived with some severe disc drive problems, making any and all retail disc-based games unplayable on the console. A few of these unhappy users even posted videos of their unfortunate Xbox One experiences, where after inserting a disc into the next-gen system, a horrible grinding sound can be heard within the machine, and the Xbox One is unable to register the game disc.

But again, these are likely just a few isolated incidents, and the general consensus from happy Xbox One owners around the web is that their next-gen consoles are working just fine. And in the spirit of healthy competition, Sony even issued a returning congratulatory tweet to the Microsoft camp. I know I personally can’t wait to check out Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome on the Xbox One. Were you able to pick up the console at launch, and if you did, what do you think of Microsoft’s latest offering so far?

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 sells 1 million units in its first 24 hours

Yeah. The PS4 is doing pretty well for itself already, wouldn’t you think? The initial hardware sales figures have just been released after the PlayStation 4 launched in North America last Friday, and the numbers are pretty astounding, to say the least. Sony managed to sell a whopping 1 million PS4 units into the hands of consumers within the console’s first 24 hours, which is almost unheard of for a new piece of expensive gaming technology these days. And at $400 a pop, that makes a cool $400 million in Sony’s pocket right off the bat. And of course, that’s not even accounting for all of the additional sales that came after that initial 24 hours, and all of the supplementary sales boosts that are sure to come once the PS4 hits other territories like Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on November 29, 2013.

We already knew that a ton of gamers had placed a pre-order for the PlayStation 4 back when the console was announced early this year, but I don’t think anyone ever imagined the numbers would be this high. And of course, this ultimately brings us to the inevitable and all-important console war question: will Microsoft’s Xbox One be able to stand up against that impressive number after this weekend? My official prediction is that the Xbox One will still sell a ton of units, but not quite hitting that 1 million mark in the first 24-hour window. However, I also think that Microsoft will use the same tactics that Call of Duty did recently, and report that over 1 million Xbox One consoles were sold to “retailers,” and not the actual customers.

Is Tomb Raider coming to next-gen systems?

Amazon has become pretty notorious around the internet lately for accidentally leaking information about various unannounced releases by putting up a product page a tad too early. Well now a few users have noticed a listing for “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” on Amazon Italy. But the curious thing is that a few other listings of this new edition seem to point to it being on next-gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. Do you think there’s any truth to these rumors? And more importantly, do you think this is going to become a new trend in the industry, with developers rereleasing their latest current-gen games onto the big next-gen platforms? I certainly think this will be the case, as Ubisoft already confirmed earlier this month that their popular platformer Rayman Legends would be making the jump to next-gen in February, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we start seeing things like The Uncharted Trilogy 1080p PS4 Edition pop up in the near future.

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Will Fallout 4 be announced at Spike’s VGAs this year?

Now that those silly next-gen consoles are finally behind us (yeah right, who am I kidding?), gamers are free to focus on the next thing on the agenda: all of those glorious unannounced games that are going to be gracing the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 and beyond. Well one high contender that’s already found its way on the list is the highly-anticipated Fallout 4, whose existence has been rumored for quite a while now without any official confirmation. Well earlier this week, a few dedicated internet detectives managed to find that Bethesda registered a trademark for “Fallout 4.” That’s a pretty good sign, right?

But wait, it gets even better. A mysterious website dubbed “Survivor 2299” has also appeared out of nowhere this week, with a countdown that ends on December 11: the same day as Spike’s VGA Awards, where more next-gen game announcements have already been confirmed. Now while it’s still uncertain if this website has any correlation to Bethesda and the possibility of 2299, if there is in fact a Fallout 4 gearing up for release on next-gen hardware, then that seems like the best time for them to possibly announce it. The timing also seems right for another main entry Fallout game: it’s been a while since Bethesda has given us a true offering in the Fallout universe, ever since Fallout 3 was released in 2008 and Fallout: New Vegas was handed off Obsidian in 2010.

Titanfall is most likely getting sequels, could be multi-platform

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Ever since the Xbox One was first announced and got to show off a few of its biggest exclusive game offerings, there’s been one game in particular that people just can’t seem to stop talking about: Titanfall. And how can you blame them: the hectic multiplayer battle mech game just looks all sorts of awesome. So it should come as no surprise to many to learn that Titanfall will most likely be getting a few sequels somewhere along the way, and my guess is that everyone in the EA camp already has some real long-terms plans in place to support exactly that.

To this end, EA’s Blake Jorgensen touched upon the future of Titanfall a little bit at the Global Technology Conference this week, and curiously enough, he not only alluded to the gaming spawning multiple sequels, but also hinted at the possibility of these inevitable sequels coming to “multiple product platforms” at some point. Now since Titanfall has already been confirmed to be launching on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on March 11, 2014, the use of the phrasing “multiple product platforms” is certainly a bit eyebrow-raising. I feel like I was just writing about how it was recently announced that Titanfall would always remain an exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms, but I feel like it won’t be long know before those assertions become a thing of the past.

My official prediction? Titanfall’s eventually sequels will go multi-platform on both the Xbox One and PS4, and then somewhere down the road the original Titanfall will come bundled in a trilogy of sorts for its debut on the PS4 system, a la what happened with EA’s Mass Effect. But aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves right now? Let’s just wait to play the first and only Titanfall game in March and see where EA decides to take us after that!

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