Good Game: The Gaming Week in Review (Jan 6 – Jan 10)

Steam Machines, PlayStation Now, and next-gen game announcements! Another jam-packed week of gaming news..

Sony announces new streaming service, PlayStation Now

Even though we probably should have all seen something like this coming from the Sony camp, given their increased attention to game streaming and cross-platform support, I was still pleasantly surprised by the big reveal of PlayStation Now at Sony’s CES keynote earlier this week. The new subscription-based video game streaming service will allow gamers to directly stream their favorite PS3 console games on a variety of other Wi-Fi capable devices, such as the PlayStation Vita, as well as supporting brands of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Some of the first PS Now compatible games to be announced include The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, although it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of Sony’s game catalogue will be given the same treatment as the service begins to catch on. So let me just reiterate that fact: in 2014, you will be able to stream The Last of Us right there on your cell phone.

It’s some pretty exciting stuff, don’t you think? But of course, we still must ask: why play a PS3 epic like The Last of Us on a tiny tablet screen when you can, you know, play it on the TV like normal using your actual PS3 instead? I feel like this will be something cool to maybe show your friends once or twice, but I have a hard time seeing myself actually using the service for my personal gaming on more than a few occasions. But then again, who knows? The thing could be seriously cool once we get to try it out for ourselves, and we may never go back to the old age of playing PS3 on those dinosaur devices called TVs! In either case, we’ll just have to wait and see, as PS Now is expected to go into a beta release later on this month, with a full public launch currently slated for summer 2014.

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Valve announces the first-generation of Steam Machines…

…and none of them are actually being manufactured by Valve! The company behind the popular online gaming service Steam has finally pulled back the curtain on what exactly their long-rumored “Steam Machines” are actually going to be like. And as it turns out, there’s currently over a dozen different models that gamers will be able to purchase in 2014, all of which boast different shapes, colors, and technology. Coming to us from a variety of different hardware manufacturers of higher-end gaming PCs like Alienware, the new Steam Machines will cost you anywhere from $500 to a whopping $6,000. So now that it’s becoming crystal clear that the first line of Steam Machines are finally getting ready to be released out into the gaming wild, the only thing that’s really left to say about them is this: do we really even WANT Steam Machines?

SEGA tries to right their wrongs with another Alien game

Well it looks like SEGA is at it again, as the publisher behind the universally bashed and just downright embarrassing Aliens: Colonial Marines are trying to right their many wrongs with the franchise by announcing Alien Isolation this week. The game has reportedly already been in the works for three years now by developer Creative Assembly, and the game is said to be more in light with the actual Ridley Scott movie, and adopt a more horror survival style of gameplay over the crappy action-adventure that Colonial Marines had going for it. Admittedly, the game is looking pretty great so far, but I’m determined not to get my hopes up just quite yet, because the scars that Colonial Marines left on me in 2013 are still large and deep. I guess we’ll find out for sure whether SEGA can achieve this Alien turnaround later this year, as Alien Isolation is currently set for launch in late 2014 on every next-gen and previous-gen system except for the Wii U (sorry Nintendo fans, but this is something you’re just going to have to get used to it seems).

Left 4 Dead creator announced co-op sci-fi game, Evolve

Boy, it really seems that aliens are all the rage this season, don’t you think? In the same week that SEGA announces their next iteration in the Alien franchise, developer Turtle Rock Studios has also unveiled a brand new 4-player co-op game called Evolve, which looks to follow in the same vein as the studio’s past Left 4 Dead games, except trading in the hordes of zombies for some ugly-looking aliens. In the upcoming next-gen game, players will team up against a vicious monster that continuously grows in size from round to round. Described by Game Informer as a “brand new breed of multiplayer,” it’s already looking like Evolve could be the game we’ve been looking for to bring purely sci-fi action right back to the gaming centerfold.

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Developer Farm 51 to “Get Even” with next-gen in 2015

Thought we were done with next-gen game announcements this week, didn’t you? Think again! Developer Farm 51 snuck in one last unexpected surprise on Wednesday, and pulled off the lid on a new futuristic next-gen title called Get Even. With a big focus on memory as both a plot device and gameplay mechanic, Get Even is said to blur the lines between its single-player and multiplayer experiences. To be honest, we’re remaining a little reserved about this one at Den of Geek right now, because the developer was also responsible for the release of Deadfall Adventures at the end of 2013, and if you somehow happened to play that one, then you’re probably already like us in wishing that you hadn’t. But we’re still hopeful though, because everything we’ve seen about Get Even so far points to a pretty unique and interesting journey. We still have a ways to go before we find out for sure though, as the game isn’t expected to launch until 2015, with a release currently planned for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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