GoldenEye Player Beats 15-Year-Old Speedrunning Record

That's impressive, but have you tried unlocking the game's invincibility cheat?

Speedrunning records are a lot like the rules enforced by mall security. They’re meant to be broken. 

That’s why Bryan Bosshardt’s speedrunning record on GoldenEye‘s infamous opening Dam level is so impressive. For 15 years, his 53-second run through that level has stood unbroken but not unchallenged. Indeed, beating that mark is considered to be something of a Holy Grail amongst the GoldenEye speedrunning community. Others considered it an impossible task. 

Those doubters were silenced by speedrunner Karl Jobst who posted a shocking 52-second run through the Dam level. 

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Jobst makes no effort to conceal his emotions at beating the long-standing record, nor should he. You first have to understand that the techniques used to establish the 53-second run really haven’t been improved upon over the years. The crux of the run is a “glitch” that makes players run faster when they get shot in the back. This is why Jobst intentionally looks away from nearly every enemy in the level. As he’s playing on Agent difficulty, though, there are relatively few guards shooting at him. 

This particular run saw Jobst get unusually lucky with the number of speed boosts he received from shooting guards. Those boosts, combined with perfect technique and a couple of other lucky breaks, allowed Jobst to shave a second off the record that the majority of GoldenEye speedrunners said would never be beaten. 

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In a post on Reddit, Jobst states that this run took roughly 250 hours of practice to finally complete. Mind you, that’s 250 hours worth of sub-60 seconds runs. During all that time, Jobst only had three runs that he considered being candidates for the record. 

At this point, it’s highly doubtful that the record will be beaten by anyone who doesn’t pioneer some new techniques or happens to get even luckier with the existing ones.