How God of War Got Its Title

The God of War name was picked at random, as one of three potential titles thrown into a hat.

God of War

Here’s an interesting glimpse behind the scenes into the not-always-glamorous world of video game development: as it turns out, the title for God of War was picked out of a hat at random because the developers couldn’t agree on a name for the game.

The God of War series debuted during the PS2 era, with David Jaffe, who was working at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio at the time, being credited as the franchise’s creator. He directed the first and second games in the series, which were released in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Stig Asmussen then directed God of War III for PS3, before Cory Barlog came in to direct the 2018 God of War revival for PS4.

A Twitter exchange between franchise creator David Jaffe and Barlog is what has brought this interesting factoid about the title of the series to light. Barlog jokingly said in a Tweet that “Angry Man from Ancient Greece” was the original title of the game. (A fitting one, if you ask us.)

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Jaffe replied quickly, offering his account of how the title of the series actually came to be: “ACTUALLY it was originally between 3 titles: GOD OF WAR, DARK ODYSSEY, and AT THE HANDS OF THE GODS. We could not get everyone on the same page so all 3 went into a hat and we drew at random and agreed that whichever we drew would be the title. THANK ZEUS ‘GOD OF WAR’ came up! :)”

It’s impossible to tell how much of a game’s success is in its title, but it is interesting to ponder whether this franchise would’ve had the same success and longevity if it had one of those alternative names. Alas, barring a trip to another universe, we’ll never know…

We’ll keep you updated on everything God of War as we learn it!