God of War Director Cries Over Game’s High Review Scores

In an emotional video, God of War's Cory Barlog reacts to the praise his game has received.

God of War
Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War director Cory Barlog uploaded a video in which he reacts to the overwhelmingly positive review scores that his new game has received. 

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In the video above, we get to see Barlog experience a very genuine – and genuinely heartwarming – reaction to the news that God of War achieved an astonishing 94 Metacritic score based on the title’s initial reviews. Barlog admits that the review scores “shouldn’t matter,” but that he’s incredibly proud of the game and the work that the team put into it. 

“A lot of people put a lot of work, and a lot of faith, and uh, I’m just so lucky to work with the people that I work with,” said Barlog shortly before he thanks much of the game’s staff. 

Barlog has a fascinating reason for uploading this video at all. He says that his son, Helo, is currently struggling to be around people when he’s feeling sad or emotional. Barlog wants to teach his son that it’s ok to feel emotional and cry and that there’s no need to hide it from people. As such, he hopes that giving his son a chance to see him experience such a genuine moment of emotion will prove that there’s nothing wrong with having such feelings. 

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That’s certainly a noble goal, but one of the great benefits of this video is the way that it shows people the human side of video games. Even high-profile creative figures like Barlog don’t really get the kind of attention that film directors and musicians sometimes receive. They become these shapeless faces hidden behind a brand or logo. Videos like this show the humanity behind our favorite games and why our reactions to a title do have meaning to those who worked on them. 

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What’s really impressive is that God of War‘s Metacritic review score has only gone up since this video was released. It currently sits at a 95 overall critic score on the review aggregate site and at a 9.2 overall user score. We heaped our own praise on God of War in our recent review by suggesting that it might just be the PlayStation 4’s best game and is certainly some kind of masterpiece. 

Long story short…you really need to play God of War as soon as possible.