Ghost Recon Mod Turns the Original Game Even More Hardcore

A new mod turns the realistic military shooter Ghost Recon into an even more realistic military shooter.

After 16 years in development, Heroes Unleashed, a realism mod for Ghost Recon, is finally – mostly – finished. 

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In what has to be one of the most impressive cases of insanity…err…dedication that we’ve ever heard of, Apex Mods has been working on a mod for the original Ghost Recon since the game launched in 2002. The purpose of this mod was to turn Ghost Recon into one of the most “hardcore military shooter simulators” that the gaming industry has ever seen.

If you’re suddenly thinking, “Wait a minute, wasn’t the original Ghost Recon a pretty hardcore military simulator in its own right?” then you’ll be happy to know you aren’t going crazy. The original Ghost Recon was indeed a pretty hardcore game. However, it seems that Apex Mods felt it wasn’t hardcore enough. That’s why the team built a mod that adds everything from real-world physics to advanced A.I. to the game. The extent of the additions features in this mod is pretty crazy. We’re well beyond the realms of reason when talking about what this mod adds and the work that went into it.

Interestingly, even the mods own creators admit that this version of the game can be frustrating and is most certainly not intended for everyone. They also have some very choice words about the direction the Ghost Recon series eventually went in. 

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“What had started out as the epitome of a deeply engrossing gaming experience in realistic squad-based infantry combat, has turned into a shallow slugfest of superficial Hollywood action and eye candy, all for the sake of mass market appeal, all to satisfy casual gamers with the attention span of a fruit fly,” said one of the mod’s creators in an interview with Mod DB.

As for why this mod took 16 years to make (which is a ridiculously long time even for a mod of this size), it apparently has something to do with the amount of research required to get all of the game’s physics and other realistic components just right. Remarkably, the mod’s creators have indicated that there is still quite a bit of work to do before the mod reaches a state of completion that they are satisfied with. 

We’ll keep you updated!