Genesis Alpha One: Trailer & First Details

This sci-fi shooter combines elements of roguelikes and base builders.

Team17 and Radiation Blue have revealed an interesting new take on the First-Person Shooter genre called Genesis Alpha One

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Genesis Alpha One is described as a “unique mix of roguelikes, FPS, base-building, and survival elements.” That’s a lot to take in, but the trailer above provides a pretty clear idea of how this will all work. Basically, Alpha One will require players to explore various planets with an army of clones that they create throughout the course of the game. Each of these planets contains a variety of resources that can be utilized to build more clones and make improvements to your base ship. 

Your base ship certainly appears to serve as the game’s hub. The extent of your ability to upgrade it isn’t quite clear, but we see that you are able to not only add new structures like crew quarters and respawn chambers but can even customize the color of specific pieces of furniture. Your ship will also serve as your personal laboratory where you will create human and hybrid soldiers/crew designed to help you on missions. 

One thing that isn’t quite clear at this stage is how the game’s supposed “roguelike” elements will factor in. It appears that many of the planetary locations might be randomized, but it’s entirely possible that the game will utilize some kind of pseudo-permadeath system that will require players to ensure they are able to respawn or otherwise create a clone of themselves. However, the meaning of that aspect of the game isn’t quite clear at this time. 

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Part of what makes this project interesting is the way that it utilizes space exploration and resource mining – such as the kind we saw in No Man’s Sky – but wraps it around a more defined and arguably substantial gameplay experience. At its core, Alpha One appears to function as a sci-fi shooter. However, the base management aspects adds a level of depth designed to give the game’s action some long-term meaning. 

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Genesis Alpha One will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018.